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Experience and Expertise

Established in 2011, Paul DP Graphics and Designs started as a company that considered the customers immediate needs and concerns.  The need for a low cost solution signages, printings and installation, yet quality and durability is always embedded in all the products and services.  To begin with, Paul Gabriel D. Perez, the owner, is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He has that broad working experience in the manufacturing, designing and fabrication industry for over 16 years. He has applied both his academic and work experience in the signage fabrication industry. Harnessing the latest technology and instruments and tools that can be utilized for the immediate quotation and fabrication of build up and structural signages as well as printing, all job orders can be done in the soonest possible time.  Harnessing the power of Computer Aided Design and Engineering (CAD/CAE) Simulation and Rendering helps our clients imagine the output of the proposed signages and prints. For the structural side of the signage fabrication, his experience in the Semiconductor manufacturing and design industry are his strengths.  On the Printing side, his experience working as an Ink Jet Mechanical Engineering Manager and as a Laser Printer Design Engineer for a total 9 years is a key to understanding the printing processes and  the print quality, CMYK and RGB technicalities of both Laser Printer and Ink Jet printer development. To co complement it, Paul is, by heart, an Artist.  A left handed artist, he was started being recognized as artistically inclined way back during his elementary years when during school sanctioned poster making or drawing contest. He would bag some awards during his grade 1 until grade 7 and eventually during high school.  Monetary award is secondary but the thrill of drawing and creating art was his satisfaction.  One thing led to another so that being artistic and a proficient CAD 3D designer plus graduating Cum Laude and being in the Top 20 in the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examination is a guarantee that the services that Paul DP Graphics and Designs will provide is top quality, just like the owner, a top quality person of experience.  The vast experience of Paul is a big factor of the owner’s commitment to provide customer satisfaction.  Coupled with his down to earth personality, you can directly discuss with him your signage requirement and concerns.  With this advantage, the result is a satisfied client, from starting layout proposal to rendering of proposed signage design, until fabrication and installation of the approved signage. There are no stones unturned. During the process, we make sure that the design and fabrication process is scheduled, planned and organized. Even the safety procedures in the installation are planned. We make sure that there are no hiccups from start until finish. Schedules, Planning ang On time delivery of installation are the priorities that we know are important to our clients.


Our People

Graphic Designers and Artists. We have 3 graphics designers that can provide you immediate layout even if you just walk-in. Their vast experience in the advertising industry will provide you immediate design outputs. Our Graphic Designers will make sure that you are satisfied of the layout before we print and fabricate your requirements.

Printer Operators. We have 2 experience printer operator who operates 4 printing machines and other advertising tools and instruments. Their experience will guarantee you best in quality prints and durable print outputs. As they say, the the proofs are in the prints!

Fabricator and installers. We have 6 and counting experience installers and fabricators with some over 10 years of advertising experience. We take pride in our Fabricators and installers for their professionalism in working long hours or overtime just to make sure the signages are installed and delivered on time. Their down to earth and hardworking personalities makes the team united for a common goal for Paul DP Graphics and Designs, and that is to make sure the Clients are smiling from ear to ear when the signages are installed.

CAD Draftsmen. We have 2 CAD draftsmen that can produce CAD Layouting, CAD Designing and CAD Plotting. We can print 20″ x 30″ OBO or templates for Architectural Plans, Engineering Plans, HVAC Plans, Structural Plans and among others that needs CAD design or plotting.

Technical People. We have technical persons who can discuss technical details from structural discussions to signage materials and installation process. We can also discuss customized signages and printing needs.



Our Work Horses

Sticker printers 6ft length. Epson Printhead DX7, can print the finest output you need and can provide you prints for from sticker labels to menus even business cards.

Tarpaulin printer 10.5ft length. From 8 oz, 10 oz, 3 oz 15 oz to 18 oz thickness untill black out back billboard tarpaulins. From 3ft length to 10ft length. If you need more than 10ft print we can seam the prints!

A3 Laser Printer. Best for A3 sizes until A5 or less. We can print from 70gsm, 148gsm, 250 gsm or 300gsm C2s, ordinary or specialty papers. Calling Cards, Invitations, Poster, we print anything related to Laser printing.

Computer controlled Plotter Cutters 45″ wide. We cut from vinyl sticker to vinyl t-shirt printable materials. We can cut as wide as 45″ and as long as you want as far as 10ft even 20ft, best for long span signages with sticker cut graphics. WE can print and cut for decal stickers.

CAD Plotting Printer 36″ wide. We plot CAD designs as wide as 36″ and as long as you want from 48″ until 12 feet if needed. We can print to tracing paper or white paper. We have white paper and tracing paper rolls with width of 36″ and 24″.



Fabrication and Installation Efficiency

Equipment for efficiency. We have the complete equipment for out installations, from vehicles, welding machine, etc. Efficiency is the focus. Whenever there is a new tool that can speed our our work, we are in for it. And we are trained for the utilization and efficiency. In the end, the job is done with both efficiency and quality.

Tools of the trade. We have the completed Portable tools (drills, grinders, etc.) in order to accomplish our tasks. From the smallest tex screw adaptor, screw drivers, to metal mallets for breaking cement ground to install poles for signages, we have them all. Efficiency is in our mind so we use  the right tools for the right purpose and the focus is to complete the job in an efficient manner.

Safe Installation processes. Sturdy ladders, scaffoldings, hanging ladders, we prepare them. If an installation requires a customized scaffolding, we can design and fabricate them too.  There is no height for installation that we cannot do. We can do it, we just need the right tools for it, and safety for our installers and fabricators is our number one priority during installation processes.